Monday, July 18, 2011

Beating Summer Restlessness

Summer's like a relationship: it begins with that sweet, exciting stage of infatuation. When June hits, there's a whiff of adventure in the air.

And then...
  • You fail to get a job (but hey, 3 out every 4 teens are in the same boat)
  • Your vacation plans are laughable (in that they don't exist)
  • You start staying home more to do college research (turning down several plans to hang out)
  • You volunteer on a hospital floor that doesn't need you (4 hours. every. single. week.)
  • And you get addicted to watching The Office on Netflix (couch potato status)
Just like that, my summer has entered the comfortable, mediocre stage. Suddenly it's hard to remember those days during the school year when I would die for just one day to do absolutely nothing but eat and sleep.

It's not that I have nothing to do. There are a ton of things. Practical things. Things like college research and learning my piano piece and working on college essays. After a good month of all that very exciting stuff, I'm craving legitimate SUMMER activities. Summer's supposed to be about boardwalk nights, bike rides, early morning walks, sleepovers, road trips, popsicles. At least that's what movies and books have taught me.

When I need to change things up, I make a to-do list. I've brainstormed 5 Ways to Kick Summer Restlessness in the Behind:

1. have a fancy picnic, possibly on the beach.
And by fancy, I mean vintage coke bottles, luxurious beach clothes, and homemade food. I'll just ignore the fact that sand is creeping into everything I've brought with me...

2. go on (fashionable) bike rides.
....but I haven't mastered the art of biking with a skirt on. At least not in a ladylike manner.

3. get lost in a foreign city and fall in love with Gregory Peck.
opps there I go again, asking for too much. 
It doesn't even have to be a foreign city. Exploring a neighboring town would be just as fun! There's a city 25 minutes away from me with a charming town center complete with thrift shopping, boutiques, a playhouse, and a cafe that sells great chai tea. One of these days I'll dedicate more to time to its exploration.

 4. get in a car and just drive.
My family's going on a college road trip around the New England area at the end of summer. I'm especially stoked for the Boston leg of the trip. preppy universities and ivy league schools, here we come!

I feel less restless already.

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