Friday, October 7, 2011

a long catch-up post

Whaddayaknow I haven't posted in almost 2 months. All right here goes a brief summary of everything important that's happened in my life since August 15, 2011.

Hurricane Irene
First time since I can remember such a serious hurricane hitting NJ! We evacuated to a friend's house in a nearby town just to be safe... it was like a 2 day filipino sleepover/party. But my dad, being the crazy super awesome dedicated nurse he is, went to work on the night Irene was supposed to be heading into NJ. Cars weren't even allowed to drive south anymore! But a cop allowed my dad to enter the parkway south because he's a nurse. Yay for courageous papas!

On Saturday, when Irene was supposed to pound our area, we woke up to sun and beautiful weather all around. praise God. My dad came over in the morning after work, haha. We chilled out, made fried oreos, played an intense game of Cranium (Agovidas won!), then headed for mass where, I kid you not, pretty much every CFC family was in attendance. Of course we all decided to eat out together, and it was kind of embarrassing to see a flood of Filipinos walk through the parking lot in front of Sharon Zheng.

College Road Trip!
Irene caused flooding in a lot of other areas, which forced my family to shorten our college road trip to two schools in two days instead of the week-long trip we planned for. (Yale and Brown, wooooo! jk, they're not necessarily my first choice schools.)

Brown was more beautiful, but I sat in on an awesome theater studies class at Yale, which I la-la-loved. Awesome professor, reminded me of my high school's drama director. It was the first day of class, so we sat in a circle (this is a black box theater we're in), went over the syllabus (1 pt of extra credit on your average if you act in the Directing classes' scenes? fabulous), and then did an activity-- she had us each tell a story about someone we met for the first time over the summer or someone we hardly knew. I told mine last. Every person in that class seemed so interesting, and their stories were great. I wanted to get to know all of them! Shortly after, I ran into the same professor at a nearby coffee shop, and she told my parents she was "impressed" with me. I swoon.

I had pictures from my road trip that I meant to post, but maybe I'll do that later when I actually have time to, you know, breathe...

Senior Year
Everything's fine so far. I think last year was harder, and I had 3 APs back then instead of 5.

Echo Conference (9.23.11--9.25.11)
Fabulous, blessed, beautiful weekend with God and YFL. Music min is where my service originated, and the kids I served with this time are inspiring and talented to boot. And now I have this excitement to get to know more brothers and sisters. SO I was really excited for the upcoming NJ sisterhood empowerment except (and this always seems to happen) it now conflicts with a drama club thing. Which brings us to the next big thang in my life right now...

Twelfth Night by Shakespeare
We're performing Shakespeare for our fall play! It's possibly the first time our school has done Shakespeare. Long story short: I got cast as the lead, Viola. She's the Man--that movie with Amanda Bynes--was veeery loosely based off Twelfth Night.

It's also the second school show in a row that requires me to cross-dress. Except now I have to cut my hair too! That'll be interesting.

Viola's my first real leading role. I thought it would feel different, though, getting the part I tried out for (it rarely happens). I mean, I've come a pretty long way: the first show I ever did, Annie Jr., was in middle school, and I was the dogcatcher. ...............yeah.

I've worked my way up. but now that I'm here, it feels anti-climactic. ALSO, I'm frustrated that my show dates conflict with a YFL event that I was looking forward to with all my heart! But I'm sure He has a purpose in the way He allows things to fall into place in my life.

On the upside, the whole cast is single-casted, something I've wanted my director to do for ages! I've always felt that she divides our talent by double-casting, producing two weaker casts instead of one strong ensemble. That means I have four nights of performance, plus two in-school performances. God give me strength.

And now I'm all caught up!
Here I am, officially a high school senior, in the middle of rehearsals for Twelfth Night, trying to figure out my college situation. Hopefully I can update more regularly from now on.

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