Wednesday, July 9, 2014


Here's an exercise: Play your own celebrity stylist.

One of my new hobbies while viewing high-end collections is imagining which dresses I'd wear on the red carpet. You know. In the very likely and not-at-all laughable case that I become famous, so famous that designers are flinging their dresses at me as I tralala down the street, flicking paparazzi out of my way, or doing whatever celebrities do. Hollywood things.

I blame Tom & Lorenzo. My friend John turned me on to that hilarious blog. Two men in love with each other and with breaking down celebrity fashion--what a way to make a living. Because of them, I'm starting to learn what does and doesn't work on different people in terms of owning their personal style. Which got me thinking. If I were a young hot actor (ideally representing women of color in strong, interesting roles because YEAH diversity in media!), would I be any good at picking clothes for myself?

For instance, the Elie Saab Fall 2014 Couture collection. Classic Saab, am I right? (Okay, actually... I've only ever seen one other Saab collection in my life. But it didn't look terribly different from this one. I'm not sure whether Saab usually sticks to one thing and does that one thing REALLY well, but that's my impression of him right now.)

The gowns are gorgeous. They're begging to be worn on the red carpet or at the end of the aisle.
Just take a look at this one, straight from TLo. Looks like snow freezing and then shattering, melting into a icy blue pool around her feet:


Naturally I spotted a few more dresses I'd try on right away....

I was about to type "florals are my thing," then realized that they're approximately 923489701 other girls' thing. Whoops. One of my favorite colors to wear, red, stays near the top of both these dresses. The dress on the right is a tad more head-turning, but I tend to look better in necklines with more breathing room.


...necklines kind of like THAT. Give me a scoop neck over almost anything else any day. I've been hunting for a black scoop-back ballet tee for ages. These dresses borrow that Brigitte Bardot staple and take it to another level of glamorous. I like the hints of sheer--the horizontal stripes, the lace covering her legs. They make these a little more interesting than your usual black ballgowns.


Annnd the wildcard numbers. Eight times out of ten I dislike ombre, but this is chic AND it uses a red/pink color palette that I usually like on myself. That dress on the right won me over with its subdued fit-and-flare shape, its neckline, and the mint green. (At least I think it is? I might like mint green so much that I just see any vaguely blue-green color as mint green? Send help.) It's gauzy and ethereal and looks like it'd drape well on me.

And there you have it. My fairytale dressing room session. You can view the whole collection here!

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