Friday, August 15, 2014

Fashion at Fordham: FLASH Magazine Spring/Summer 2014

AKA my attempt at being comfortable in front of a camera

Back in April I volunteered to pose for FLASH, one of Fordham's student fashion magazines. We dragged ourselves out of bed at 7:30 AM on Sunday of Spring Weekend--not really a time when most people are functioning. I have to admit, my friend John (the handsome blonde fellow) and I were starting to regret our life choices as we marched down Fordham Road to the D train.

But man oh man. Being in Chelsea during the early morn was a beautiful way to start the day, and a fun way to cap off the last weekend before finals. Plus we got to shoot on the Highline, which I hadn't seen before despite attending college in NYC for almost two years now. 

As a short, curvyISH girl who's not always happy with her proportions, I'm not very confident about the way I photograph. Like many others, I'm still on the long road towards accepting the way God shaped me. BUT I was pleasantly surprised by these photos. So thanks, FLASH, for featuring all shapes and sizes, and for helping me feel a bit more comfortable in my skin!

And now I present my favorite pictures from the shoot. Some were published in the issue, others are outtakes, and all were taken by the lovely Julie Kim. Click through for larger images!

Fave 1Fave 2Fave 3Fave 5Fave 4Fave 10Fave 6Fave 7

Last but not least, a celebratory group picture with the FLASH staff who directed the shoot:

Fave 9

....and then we went out for French food. La vie est belle.

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