Tuesday, July 21, 2015

3 Outfits for an NYC Summer (featuring Warby Parker)

Banks in Ginger Crystal (2)

Too often, particularly during the school year, life trucks along faster than I can blog or scribble it down. So when Warby Parker asked me to talk about the highlights of my summer AND play around with their sunglasses for their #seesummerbetter campaign, it was as if the universe sent me a motivator (read: a kick in the butt) to just post something already. And I do have a lot to share, so let's hit it.

Here are three things I've done this summer, and styling ideas for each!


Outfit #1: The Intern

(feat. The Halford in Polished Gold)

The Halford in Polished Gold
The Halford in Polished Gold

For the first time since arriving at Fordham, I'm spending the summer in New York City. My dog days are devoted to two jobs: On campus, I'm a Summer Conference Assistant for the Office of Residential Life, and in Manhattan, I'm an Arts Administration Intern at the Shakespeare Society. That's a Vanessa summer for you; not much of a break, is it? 

I'm not an aviators person, but I do enjoy the no-nonsense, take-charge facade they bestowjust the sort of energy I need when I'm heading into Manhattan. Now if I only had a pair of Wonder Woman cuff bracelets...

My internship has been, in a word, great. The Shakespeare Society is a nonprofit organization that produces panels, workshops, talkbacks, educational programs, and anything that'll keep up love for the Bard in New York City. We're currently getting ready for our season, so now's a great time to join! (Shameless plug.) Seriously, the student/teacher/faculty/theatre artist discount is a great deal.

Oh, and I got to have a conversation with Helen Mirren and Sir Christopher Plummer at our summer gala last month! But that's a story for another blog post. Just know that Christopher Plummer, man of my mother's dreams, touched me on the arm affectionately. Eeee

The Halford in Polished Gold


Outfit #2: A Summer Date at the Museum of Natural History and the Bronx Zoo

(feat. The Piper in Woodland Tortoise)

The Piper in Woodland Tortoise
The Piper in Woodland Tortoise

Even between my two gigs, I've found some time to run around the city with my boyfriend and friends. Mario came up a few weekends ago, and we ticked off two classic NYC bucket list items.

First we went to the American Museum of Natural History, but eventually we found ourselves wishing we were at a zoo, seeing live animals, instead of the stuffed ones in the museum's somewhat old display cases. So we came back to Fordham and walked to the Bronx Zoo, which ended up being the highlight of our weekend. Even though it's less than a fifteen-minute walk from Fordham, I'd actually never visited before.

The Piper in Woodland Tortoise The Piper in Woodland Tortoise
The Piper in Woodland Tortoise

My favorite exhibit? The gorillas, by far. Their eyes move so differently compared to the other animals'; they're much more deliberate and aware. I'll have to post photos soon because I got a shot of a particularly existential-looking gorilla...

For summer day trips, I usually wear long dresses and skirts. They're light, breezy, and essentially blankets for your thighs when you'd rather not be aware of your lower body. I like retro cat-eyes for longer silhouettes like this.


Outfit #3: Beachin' and Cruisin'

(feat. The Banks in Ginger Crystal)

Banks in Ginger Crystal (1)

Okay, okay, I'm cheating a bit here because cruising the Bahamas is not an NYC activity. I wore this identical outfit (sans the fab pair of Warby Parker sunglasses) earlier this month during my family's first cruise. We took Royal Caribbean's Grandeur of the Seas, along with 40 of our Filipino family friends... which sounds like the set-up to a punchline.

Honestly I don't think I would've had as much as fun as I did if we hadn't been surrounded by a jovial swarm of Filipinos. I grew up with all of them, and a lot of their childrennow teenagers and young adultswere my best friends growing up. It was especially nice to have a three-course dinner with those guys every night.

We sang karaoke, bonded with our waiters, and you can bet our parents line-danced to everything from DJs to live bands. At one point, my mother thought she was getting drunk off three sips of her Mudslide. (Now I understand exactly where I get my alcohol intolerance from...)

And when we actually arrived on the island, we accidentally broke into the private pool and waterpark area of a famous Bahamanian resort. All 44 of us.

It was definitely an experience.

Banks in Ginger Crystal (3)

The Banks in Ginger Crystal might be my favorite pair of sunglasses from Warby Parker's summer stock, just because I've never owned anything like them. The thick, gel-like frames are pretty beautiful.


And that's how I #seesummerbetter! Check out the Summer 2015 Collection from Warby Parker here

I'm planning a few more posts for the rest of the summer, so stay tuned! 

PS. A big thanks to my Fordham summer conference co-workers, Anna and Anja, for running around Rose Hill campus with me to take these pics, in 90 degree weather to boot. You ladies rock.

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