Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Harry Potter and growing up

The first social medium I used was my Xanga: a hideous orange thing that played "One Thing" by Amerie and only "One Thing" by Amerie for at least a year. Then there was Myspace, Facebook, Formspring...

And then there was Tumblr. I made mine in Summer '09. The things on my dashboard range from hilarious to inspiring, but now and then I have to take a break. I blame it on over-exposure to materialistic photos and posts: skinny girls I want to look like, gorgeous girls I want to look like, clothes I wish I had, celebrities I wish I knew, food I want to eat, movies I want to see, dirty jokes I'd rather not see. And it was way too addicting. I'd log on, only to read my dashboard for---what's this? Five hours have passed? My summer reading's not read? My family and friends are concerned for my social health?

On top of it all, I miss making personalized posts. In Tumblr-world, shorter posts are the rule.

I think my disinterest also comes from just growing up. These days, I can actually feel myself getting older. There are so many visible signs: I've noticed that my parents are, in fact, getting older, and I want to spend more time with them; the reality of applying for college has hit hard; the priest who's been our pastor since before I was born recently retired; and last but not least, the last Harry Potter film premieres tomorrow at midnight. (And I'll be there! Look for the short Filipino sporting a Gryffindor tie and time-turner. So what if it makes more sense to be Cho Chang? I want to be Hermione, darn it).

Speaking of Harry Potter, one reason I wanted to escape Tumblr was because of the Harry Potter spam! I'm a diehard fan through-and-through, but I'm in denial. I refuse to be sad, and seeing anything HP-related makes me sad these days.

Speaking of growing up... these boys have grown up rather well. :)

But there's no reason to be sad. Why? Well look, I made a list.

1. I can still re-read all the books. All the stories will seem fresh because i haven't visited them in so long. But I'm waiting until after I finish applying for college.

2. I still haven't seen A Very Potter Musical 2, so that's something new to look forward to.

3. I still haven't been to Harry Potter world.

4. Pottermore.

Forget that every Deathly Hallows poster reads: "It All Ends Here". Nope. Nope. Noooooope. Clearly, Harry Potter is not going anywhere. That being said, I'm still going to cry my eyes out for the duration of the film--especially at Snape, the character deaths, and "19 Years Later." But I refuse to stay sad. Honestly. Life goes on, and so will Harry Potter.

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