Wednesday, September 3, 2014

first weekend in London

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Last weekend I... 

Flew into London sitting in the VERY back row of my airplane, but I did have some nice chats with a twenty-something British dude who was flying back from visiting his fiancee in New York all summer.

Danced to Michael Jackson with hip young adults in a small pub near our flat. The demographic in there was maybe 28 to 35 years-old, so we didn't stay long...

Watched maybe 60 Fordham study abroad kids chug half pints as fast as they could at one in the afternoon. It was the kick-off to one of our orientation events: a pub crawl disguised as a scavenger hunt.

Ate excellent xia long bao dumplings in China Town. Looks like I'll be able to get my authentic Chinese fix in London after all.

Wandered around the touristy heart of London by myself for over two hours. There's something greatif isolatingabout exploring a foreign city by yourself.

Tied for first with Aja in an intense game of limbo at the pub crawl after party (though I really should've been second place). People told me I looked like "a contortionist" and also "the exorcism of Emily Rose."

Accidentally attended an Anglican mass despite googling "Catholic churches in Kensington." When you have a lady priest and everyone keeps saying "And also with you" instead of "And with your spirit," you know somethin's up.

Tomorrow will be my one week anniversary of living in London and my fourth day of class. Honestly, my stomach feels a bit queasy now and then. A mix of homesickness and other anxieties, I guess. But that's whatcha get when you drop an introvert into completely foreign territory (geographically and socially). I'll find my bearings soon.

 - bb v out