Tuesday, December 16, 2014

it's my birthday and I'll blog if I want to


Long time, no blog post. It's hilarious how little I've written here this past semester. My only excuse is that I was busy having a stressful, inspiring, tiring, FULL experience at London Dramatic Academy. Our program ended on December 5, but since then I've been adventuring through London and Paris, taking photos like the one above. 

Tonight's my last night in London. It's also my 21st birthday. Needless to say I have loads of thoughts, too many to distill into a clear summary of what I've been through this semester. (For those curious, there's not too much to report in terms of what I did for my birthday. I walked to Notting Hill and bought too many Christmas gifts, had excellent Japanese takeout along with a bottle of my favorite cider, made pumpkin custard, and chatted with my temporary flat mates. So basically livin the life.)

Over winter break, I'll post more thorough photo essays from my time abroad, but for now I'll say this: I'm bursting with gratitude. Really. Splitting at the sides with it. Not only did I get to explore foreign cities on a completely different continent, but I also loved my program. It's not often in your academic life when virtually ALL of your classes interest youand stretch you, too. Getting to travel around western Europe during my free time was just icing, honestly.

So thank you God. Thank you mama and papa for literally giving me the world. Thank you Mario for loving me across oceans. Thank you friends who let me sleep on your couches. Thank you Julia for living, traveling, and laughing with me. Thank you London for cider, for theatre, for mild winters, and for double-decker buses that let me spy on people in their flats during nighttime rides home. Thank you to my LDA family for helping make this the most rewarding semester of college so far, and thank you Kathryn Pogson for being Professor McGonagall. My heart's steady. I feel tall. I'm ready to come home!

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