Monday, August 18, 2014

outfit of the day (featuring Natalie and my new SONY Nex-6)

DSC00080_2DSC00078_2 DSC00064_2DSC00065_2 DSC00076
Shoes - Pink & Pepper  //  Bag - gift from aunt  //  Skirt - F21 (super old)  //  Top - Cotton On

Over the weekend I caught up with Nat at an insanely good coffeehouse that just opened up a few minutes from my house. We hadn't seen each other since before she left to study abroad in Florence last semester. Yikes. It's fine though because we always pick up right where we've left off. That's one of the top things I look for in a friend, yaknow?

I'm glad we ended up sitting next to each other in honors algebra II way back during freshman year--and that we got into a weird fight where I accused her of stealing my calculator--because Nat's actually one of the few people I've kept in touch with from high school. If you'd told me I'd still be friends with this chick six years later, I wouldn't have believed ya for a second. Because she steals calculators. (On a side note, there are a definitely other people I'd love to catch up with! To anyone who's reading, consider this an invitation to coffee. Preferably at this coffeehouse because their chocolate hazelnut gelato is the best thing I've eaten all summer.)

Afterwards I convinced Nat to help me test out my new Sony NEX-6, which I bought for study abroad. She was mock-miffed because she wasn't "dressed" for the occasion, but casual Natalie is still more stylish than most people around. This gal's going to be in fashion someday, whether at a magazine (she just finished up an internship at Harper's Bazaar!) or on film/TV sets.

I hadn't initially planned on posting an "outfit of the day"--hence dis basic outfit--but it's actually kind of appropriate. Nat and I failed miserably at writing our own style blog during our...sophomore year of high school? I remember attempting photoshoots at our houses, armed with my crappy little camera and lotsa optimism.





Oh high school. You were...interesting. And I think our faces in that last shot make that period of my life seem a lot more carefree than it was? I actually enjoyed those four years for the most part (thanks, drama club!), but tenth grade was my least favorite year by far (thanks, hormones).

As a palate cleanser, I'll end on a much clearer selfie of us as happy, healthy, functioning adults. I feel like I can't call myself "adult" without being sarcastic. But we ARE adults now. Technically.



  1. You guys are too cute! You were both still stylish and put together in your high school days, much more than I ever was!

    1. aww thanks! :) though it's still kinda hilarious to see our high school selves trying pose all serious-like haha..