Thursday, July 31, 2014

instamonth: July 2014

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The month's blessings...
  • had a good time of reselling thrifted clothes on eBay; honestly surprised by how much people will spend on some items...
  • cuddled over basically every episode of New Girl with Mar
  • also cuddled over a fashionable French musical with the aforementioned boyfriend
  • found a restaurant with a great happy hour menu and beautiful dock-side location, thanks to Soph
  • picked up the movie soundtrack to my favorite romantic comedy ever, When Harry Met Sally. I prefer the original versions of the songs, to be honest, but I bought it because LOYALTY
  • ate enough pumpkin ice cream to send myself into a sugar coma
  • not one, but two separate adults made me feel validated about being an English major
  • got laid off from the vintage boutique I was working at... which made me available for a waitressing job that I honestly love (and pays better!)
  • met and played with Mario's new kitties--yes, that's plural. his mama impulsively decided to buy a second one when they picked up their first one. pictured above: Jo
  • later tonight Mario and I are gonna go watch Guardians of the Galaxy, awwwwyeah

July, you were a joy. 

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