Saturday, July 19, 2014

Sticks 'n Noodles ('n chicken adobo)

In which my beautiful familia flocks to a new Filipino restaurant that opened up in OC:

The menu was a bit limited, mostly noodles and pork/chicken on a stick (huh I wonder why?), but thank goodness they had chicken adobo as one of their specials today. You know how satisfying it feels when you eat something that was exactly what you wanted, but didn't realize until you ate it? Sigh.

Sometime after her first chemo session, my mama moved on from crocheting to her latest craft obsesssion: rubber band looming. Or loom banding, whatever the kids are calling it. That little buddy up there is Kerropi, one of Hello Kitty's pals, and he took more time to make than I'd like to imagine. 

At one point another crew of Filipinos came in and sat behind us, so of course it wasn't long before my parents had exchanged names and phone numbers with them. That's one thing I love about Filipinos: when they meet, they're bound to start chatting like they've known each other for a while.

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