Saturday, July 12, 2014

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Bag - ESPRIT (thrifted)  //  Shorts - Madewell (thrifted) 

Scored a preppy little bag and floral cutoffs last week, along with some other goods. Thrift shops are on the few-and-far-between side here in my corner of South Jersey, and we're not the MOST fashion-forward part of the state, but now and then you find unexpected brands.

I realize now that I can thank one person for everything pictured in my bag below. Mario is not only my best/boy friend of over two years, but also my most trusted authority on television and movies. He's consumed an intimidating amount of media. Thus he has an impressive DVD/Blu-Ray/Criterion collection which I dip into regularly. (Side brag: I think he should try to be IN one of those TV shows and movies he watches so much because he's a veddy talented actor. And future psychiatrist. Maybe he can be both at the same time! actor who plays a doctor.)

As for the little brown book tucked next to Pacific Rim, the one that looks like a mini Bible? That's actually an iPhone case Mario bought me last Christmas. You know it's love when he can buy gifts you didn't even know you wanted.

, as many fans noticed, bordered on the ridiculous this season. ALL the fan service, everywhere. But! I still found lots of it entertaining (though not mind-blowing). The mind palace sequences got a cool upgrade--I really love the one from His Last Vow--and the production quality remains high. Some sequences are definitely overproduced though. I really loved the way they integrated Mary into the story all around, and Lars Mikkelsen was fabulously unsettling as Augustus Magnussen. He has a quieter energy than Moriarty--different, but equally terrifying.

On the other hand, I'm still surprised by how much I enjoyed Pacific Rim. Watched it twice in one week. And I don't usually go for sci-fi when I'm craving fantasy. It's fun, well-directed, and it even has a sense of humor. Charlie Day's in it! Exclamation point necessary because he just makes me happy in general. (Such little man. Such high voice. He's what I imagine a chipmunk would be like in human form.) Plus, it wasn't too scary or gory for Vanessa to handle; I can be an annoyingly delicate flower when it comes to film/TV. Yes, a few moments made me roll my eyes--usually line deliveries from the otherwise-fine male lead AND Heath-Ledger-doppleganger, Charlie Hunnam. Most importantly, it features strong, complicated Asian female lead played by Academy Award nominee Rinko Kikuchi. She manages to be a total cutie and fierce mofo all at once. Can't wait to see what else she does.

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