Friday, July 18, 2014

crying and smiling: it's been a weird week

This past week I got: 1. laid off via text message, and 2. dumped (platonically) via letter. I cried in a Panera at one point. And crying-induced headaches? That's definitely a thing.

I should probably point out that me crying = not a particularly rare phenomenon. If I haven't cried over something silly in a few weeks, life is going TOO well I think. Crying's good! It's...healthy! (Someone please find the research to back me up on this.) If I get upset relatively often, Mario says that's just because I "live harder." When I'm happy, I'm HAPPY, and when I'm sad, I'm crushed. I don't actually mind that thought. Live openly, even if it means occasional disappointment, that's me motto. I should probably get shorter mottos.

The way this past week was going, I kept hoping that life would send me a little victory, just a teensy something (and no, the pumpkin ice cream that I bought in bulk the other day from my favorite ice cream shop does not count). And it did! Or God did, maybe. And that teensy something gets to join my list of....

"5 Things That Made Me Smile This Week" 

or "Stress the Small Stuff" 

or "Distractions From a Slightly Awful Week":

1. Impulse-buying some of my favorite childhood candies

This is what I get for strolling into a Five Below for the first time in ages. I knew there was a reason I stopped going in there. As you can see, I didn't get into chocolate until middle school. 

20 year-old Vanessa's impressions: Air Head Xtremes, not as good as I remember them. Baby Bottle Pop, TWICE as good as I remember it. (Gotta say, though, not digging the new Blow Pop wrapper design. The old ones have a certain charm to them. But I do love fact that they have a raspberry flavor now, as it seems I want raspberry-flavored everything these days.)

2. Nina Simone's cover of "Here Comes the Sun"

I heard this for the first time while driving to Mario's a few days ago during that glowy time of evening, when the sun kind of gently filters in. I was LIVIN for the piano solo at 2:12. It just makes me so happy, how it sounds like an ice cream truck tune for a few seconds and jumps all over the keyboard.

3. Getting my class requirements list from my study abroad program

It wasn't very long, and it doesn't sound like we need to really buy any books?

One of the items was "a willing body and soul." So... I think acting school is going to be great slash potentially weird. But great.

4. The fact that these things exist


I went thrifting with Molly this past Saturday, and BOY oh boy. That little number on the left, the one from Victoria's Secret? It's hard to see clearly, but that is indeed a black button down shirt body suit. Except the bottom of the body suit is a sheer thong. That is office wear and lingerie at the same time. Because the world needed this.

The crop top on the right needs no explaining. Leopard print on top of roses on top of cute kitten. Molly and I giggled over the fact that the brand on the label is called "Self Esteem."

5. Annnd last but not least, a little bit of news in my inbox...

I don't want to get my hopes up, of course, but just being a finalist in a national scholarship competition for Asian artists is really, really cool. More news on how this all turns out in the coming weeks. In the meantime, yaaaaayasjf;oiajwe;fawj!

I wrote it on my tumblr, and I'll write it again: when life gives you lemons, cry a little. Then cry some more, and maybe buy some ice cream and candy (don't eat it all at once). Listen to good music. Listen to Nina Simone when she sings that "it's all right." Rinse and repeat.

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